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Usage Notes

Sorry, there’s no proper ReadMe as yet.

You can probably work out the basics for this app – load some NDI® sources into the inputs using the drop-down menus under each input channel, click on the small screens to select that input, shift-click to select to Preview, press Take or the Enter key to switch Preview/Program. You can also use the top row of keys, 1,2,3,4,5,6 to cut inputs to Program, and the row below, the Q,W,E,R,T,Y keys to select inputs to Preview.

For the audio, you select one input as the Master audio, but if you want the audio to change to particular inputs when selected, then enable the AFV (audio follow video) button for that input. PFL (pre fade listen) allows an audio input to be monitored via a different audio device (so you can check it while it is not “on air”.

There are no audio level controls for the NDI® stream – everything (video & audio) is simply copied from input to output for minimum latency – but the monitor outputs (Program & PFL) have three-way “dim & cut” controls – the loudspeaker icon. Click near the top for “full”, in the middle for “dim” and near the bottom for “cut”.


There is a support/discussion User Group page on Facebook – “ZEN’s Software Apps & Utilities for NDI” – just agree to the rules to join.

Version History

v0.3.0.8 Sep-2020
x86 folder has 32-bit code with all functions above.
x64 folder has 64-bit code which has audio metering but no local audio monitoring playback (because my current audio output code is 32-bit only).

v0.3.0.9 Jun-2021
As above but with the audio monitoring fixed in the 64bit version

v0.3.0.10 Oct-2021
Recompiled to extend the expiry date and use the NDI v5.03 DLL.  64-bit only (no 32-bit version in this release)

v0.3.0.11 Sep-2022
Recompiled to extend the expiry date and use the NDI v5.5 DLL.  64-bit only.

v0.3.0.12 12-Jun-2023
Maintenance release, includes revised expiry warning dialog and extended lifetime.

Martin Kay
ZEN Computer Services

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