NDI® Tone Generator

As a little “stocking filler” for Christmas 2021, I’m releasing the very first NDI utility that I originally created, in April 2016, albeit with a small number of modifications since then. I use it internally for testing purposes, for troubleshooting NDI audio issues that involve signal levels or multi-channel audio, or just when I want a simple NDI source that’s easy to identify.
It can generate either 2, 4 or 8 channels of audio (as four stereo pairs), at any desired level, using a selection of frequencies (from a fixed range). The audio is accompanied by a basic colour-bar video stream which shows the audio level as text (for reference), plus an optional editable text ident. Multiple instances of the generator can be run on the same PC, each taking an incremental NDI source name (“ZEN Audio Tone 1”, “ZEN Audio Tone 2”, etc).

Read more here or download here

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